Amazon Laid off 18,000 Employees

The company says it is aware of the impact of the decision, but the decision is being made due to an “uncertain economy”. According to the company, a large number of people were hired during the pandemic.

Amazon’s CEO has assured company employees that the company is well aware of the problems and difficulties faced by people due to the layoffs and is working for it.

He said that those who will be affected by this decision are considering various ways to help them, by providing them with a good package which includes special payment, interim health insurance benefits and assistance in finding employment in other companies. etc. are included. The decision to lay off employees will be effective from January 18.

Earlier, the company had announced to lay off 10,000 employees in November.

According to DW, Amazon had 1.54 million employees worldwide as of the end of September, not including employees who are hired during special seasons, particularly the holiday season. Amazon Laid off 18,000 Employees

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