Canon’s Clever new Flashgun cord Powers Accessories from the Camera Battery!

That sounds like an exciting development! The ability to power accessories directly from the camera battery using a flashgun cord can offer convenience and flexibility for photographers. By eliminating the need for separate power sources or batteries for accessories, it streamlines the setup and reduces the hassle of managing multiple power supplies.

This feature could be particularly useful for photographers who use various accessories, such as external flashes, LED lights, or audio recording devices. Instead of relying on individual batteries or external power packs for each accessory, they can now leverage the camera’s battery to power multiple devices, simplifying the workflow and potentially reducing overall equipment weight.

By powering accessories directly from the camera battery, photographers may also benefit from extended shooting sessions without the concern of running out of power for their accessories. This can be especially valuable in scenarios such as event photography, where uninterrupted power supply is crucial.

It’s worth noting that the compatibility and functionality of the flashgun cord may vary depending on the specific camera model and accessory being used. Photographers should refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications to ensure proper compatibility and to understand any limitations or requirements for using this feature.

Overall, the ability to power accessories from the camera battery through a clever flashgun cord can enhance the convenience and efficiency of photography workflows. It’s an exciting advancement that can provide photographers with more flexibility and versatility in their equipment setups.

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