GoPro Hero 11 Black Review: Vertical Video – 2025

GoPro has been around for a long time, but its reputation is still tied to its original HERO line of cameras. The HERO series was first introduced in 2008 and quickly became one of the most popular action cameras on the market. However, things have changed since then: while they were once known as tough little buggers that could handle anything from swimming through caves to getting into fights with grizzly bears (and winning), today’s HERO models are more like digital point-and-shoot cameras than rugged devices meant for extreme sports enthusiasts. That said, if you’re looking for something new from GoPro—or simply feel like having another one lying around your house—the Hero 11 Black is worth checking out! GoPro Hero 11 Black Review

GOPRO CREATED THE ACTION CAMERA, and it continues to be the top choice on our list of the Best Action Cameras. But in all honesty, and according to GoPro, I’m not alone, I seldom ever use my GoPro for anything action-related. This is consistent with what I’ve observed outside. Most GoPro users you’ll come across don’t have them strapped to their chest or placed on helmets.

For those who strap the new GoPro Hero 11 Black on a helmet and “bomb the slopes,” as my editor likes to say, it is still every bit the action camera. Note to editors: Grind the rail! Cut the gnar!” But it’s also a pretty fantastic, portable, and simple-to-use, um, camera.

The most flexible camera in the world moves up to 11.

With the HERO11 Black, amazing highlight movies are automatically transmitted to your phone. Your ability to share vertical images to social media right away is made possible by its new, larger image sensor, which catches more of the subject with better image quality. Your smoothest, most beautiful photos yet are guaranteed with HyperSmooth 5.0’s built-in AutoBoost and Horizon Lock capabilities. With the help of the new Night Effects and 10-bit color, you can express your creativity after dark. The HERO11 Black is the most potent GoPro to date thanks to all of this and more.

Product Details

  • Includes HERO11 Black camera, carrying case, Enduro Rechargeable Battery, curved adhesive mounts, mounting buckle + thumb screw and USB-C cable
  • Automatically upload footage to the cloud + get a highlight video when charging
  • Larger new image sensor delivers an immersive, extra-large field of view.
  • Cinematic 5.3K60 + 2.7K240 video with 24.7 megapixel stills from video.
  • Stunning 27 megapixel high-res photos.
  • Emmy® Award-winning HyperSmooth 5.0 video stabilization with Horizon Lock.
  • Waterproof to 33ft + built tough.
  • A microSD card is required, but not included.*

It hasn’t been a Good Year for GoPro

If you’ve been following the news, it hasn’t been a good year for GoPro. The stock price has dropped by over 60%, and the company has laid off hundreds of employees. In fact, GoPro is looking to cut its workforce further as it tries to right the ship after what it calls “a challenging period for our business.”

The Hero 11 Black offers some significant improvements over its predecessors—most notably in video stabilization and autofocus—but these enhancements aren’t enough to make up for some of the camera’s shortcomings: namely poor audio quality (with only one microphone) and inconsistent performance at high speeds (where most action cameras excel).

Not only is the GoPro Hero 11 Black the first new camera from GoPro

The GoPro Hero 11 Black is the first new action camera released by GoPro in 2019, and it’s been two years since they launched the HERO7 Black.

The new camera features a built-in electronic image stabilization system called HyperSmooth (which was previously only available on the HERO6). This helps make footage look smooth even when you’re moving around or holding your phone while recording video. It also has an improved low light mode that lets you capture clear images even in dimmer lighting conditions than before.

We Might be Seeing the end of the line for GoPro

The GoPro Hero 11 Black is a camera that we might be seeing the end of. The company has been struggling to stay afloat since its IPO in 2014, and now it’s looking like there won’t be any new hardware from GoPro at all anymore.

In fact, this could be the last GoPro camera you’ll ever buy. It won’t matter if you’re buying one now or waiting for one later—if this is your last purchase from GoPro then it has been worth every penny!

GoPro is Betting Big on These Software Features

GoPro Hero 11 Black has a new algorithm for better stabilization. The company’s latest flagship camera is the first to use an all-new computer vision system that improves image quality and reduces motion blur, which can be caused by blurring due to shaky hands or other camera movements.

The Hero 11 Black captures video at 4K 60 fps (frames per second), 1080p 120 fps and 720p 240fps with the same 10x optical zoom as previous models. It also allows you to shoot time-lapse videos up to 2x speed so you can see what happens over time as well as adjust your shutter speed between 1/16th of a second and 1/2 seconds while keeping everything crystal clear in every frame.

The new stabilization system uses AI algorithms that track subjects’ movement across multiple frames so they’re always perfectly still when viewed later on screen—which means less jittery footage than before!

The Ability to Change Between different aspect ratios

The GoPro Hero 11 Black has a touchscreen, which you can use to change between different aspect ratios. You can choose from 4:3, 16:9 and even 9:16 as your main mode. The screen is responsive to touch but not quite as responsive as a smartphone’s display or a tablet’s screen.

This is useful if you’re filming something that requires multiple frames per second (FPS) and need to view footage from multiple angles at once—but it does mean the camera will take longer than usual for each shot because it must wait for input from those other sources before taking another picture or video clip.

that can help with editing footage from the GoPro Hero 11 Black

Quik is the GoPro Hero 11 Black’s mobile app, and it’s where you’ll find all the tools you need to edit footage from your camera. The app can also be used to transfer footage from your GoPro Hero 11 Black to your phone so you can edit it wherever and whenever you want.

There are two ways that Quik works:

  • In-camera editing – The best way to use Quik is in combination with other apps on your smartphone or tablet device (like Adobe Premiere Pro). Once installed, these software programs will allow users like myself who don’t own any special editing gear but still want some level of control over their videos’ quality and aesthetics without having access only through our phones’ touchscreen controls alone—which means that I could create something more elaborate than just simple trimming procedures!

Will it work well in practice? We’ll have to wait and see.

The GoPro Hero 11 Black is a very exciting camera. It has some of the most advanced features, including voice control and an inertial measurement unit (IMU). But there are still many questions to be answered before we can say whether it will work well in practice.

The first review of this product comes from John Hopton at Digital Trends, who gave it four out of five stars: “This is one of the best action cameras you can buy right now if your main goal is capturing awesome footage that looks amazing on your phone or tablet.” He also praised its long battery life and water resistance, saying that he could use it while swimming underwater without worrying about losing any photos or videos due to damage caused by water exposure during filming sessions (which some other models might not be able to handle).

For now though – let’s wait until more people get their hands on this thing before making any definitive statements about how well things will turn out overall!

Is the GoPro Hero 11 Black waterproof?

The GoPro Hero 11 Black is not waterproof. It’s splash-proof, but it won’t survive being submerged in water for more than a few minutes.

The camera does come with a 5 mm backdoor so you can access the battery and SD card slot from inside the housing when you’re filming outside of your vehicle or on other surfaces that may be wet at times (like snow).

The GoPro Hero 11 Black is a Fine Action Camera

The GoPro Hero 11 Black is a fine action camera, but there’s not a lot here to get excited about if you already own last year’s model. The camera is waterproof and has the same on-camera controls that we loved in our previous review, but it doesn’t have any of the more interesting new features—like Bluetooth connectivity. It also lacks real-time preview of your shots when they’re being captured by its dual lens array, which means that if you want to see what your footage looks like as soon as it gets uploaded to your computer or phone (or even just before sharing with friends), then this isn’t for you.

The Hero 11 Black does have some improvements over its predecessor, including improved image stabilization and faster burst shooting speeds; however these upgrades don’t make up for all of the other shortcomings we found in our original review of last year’s model

The GoPro Hero 11 Black is a fine action camera, but there’s not a lot here to get excited about if you already own last year’s model. That said, it does offer some compelling new features that might make the difference between keeping or selling your current camera. If you want to keep recording in 4K at 60 frames per second, it’s hard to beat. But if you’re happy with 1080p video at up to 120 frames per second and no built-in mic or speaker, then stick with what you know. GoPro Hero 11 Black Review: Vertical Video – 2025

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