GREE Water Dispenser 20 Ltrs

The GREE Water Dispenser 20 Ltrs is an innovative and efficient way to provide your household or office with clean and fresh drinking water. This dispense can hold up to 20 litres of water, making it suitable for large families or workplaces with a high demand for drinking water. It features an advanced filtration system which is designed to remove contaminants and bacteria, ensuring that only the purest and healthiest water is dispensed. In addition, this dispenser also has a smart energy saving feature which helps reduce energy usage while still providing plenty of filtered water. With its convenient size and ease of use, the GREE Water Dispenser 20 Ltrs is a great choice for anyone who needs a reliable source of clean drinking water. GREE Water Dispenser 20 Ltrs

The GREE Water Dispenser 20 Ltrs is a versatile and practical water dispenser designed to meet the needs of any household. This efficient water dispenser offers a wide range of features such as a hot/cold options, adjustable thermostat, and energy-saving design. With its large 20L capacity water tank, you can enjoy hot or cold drinking water whenever you need it. The GREE Water Dispenser 20 Ltrs also comes with an easy to use control panel, making it simple to operate and maintain. With its sleek and stylish design, this water dispenser is sure to be a welcome addition to your kitchen or other area in your home.

The GREE Water Dispenser 20 Ltrs is an efficient and economical choice for any home or office. It can dispense up to 20 litres of cold, hot or room temperature water at a time, making it ideal for busy households and workplaces. With its modern design and cutting edge technology, it helps you enjoy safe drinking water without having to worry about frequent refills. It is also energy-saving with its low power consumption feature and comes with a digital temperature display for added convenience. Enjoy unlimited supply of clean drinking water with GREE Water Dispenser 20 Ltrs!

General Information

Refrigerator Cabinet

20 Ltrs

Cooling Power Input

110 W

Cold Water Temperature

5~12 °C

Cold Water Capacity

2 L/H

Heating Power Input

580 W

Hot Water Temp

85-95 °C

Water Tank Capacity

4 Ltrs

Compressor Cooling


PKR 37,900

GREE Water Dispenser 20 Ltrs

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