Handy Garment Steamer WF-1153

The Handy Garment Steamer WF-1153 is a revolutionary product designed to make ironing clothes easier than ever before. This powerful steamer is designed with a high-powered 1500 watt heating element and an adjustable steam output, allowing you to customize the amount of steam for different types of fabrics. It also features a 3-in-1 nozzle design that allows you to quickly switch between vertical, horizontal and round steaming options. The ergonomic handle ensures comfortable use while the removable water tank makes refilling easy. With its lightweight design and compact size, the Handy Garment Steamer WF-1153 is perfect for any home or office.

The Handy Garment Steamer WF-1153 is a great tool for anyone who needs to quickly and easily steam clothes. This steamer features a powerful 1500W heating element that can heat up water in just 30 seconds, allowing you to get your clothes ready for use in no time. It also has an adjustable steam nozzle that allows you to direct the steam exactly where it is needed and a large water tank that can hold up to 1.2 liters of water. With its lightweight design and easy-to-use controls, the Handy Garment Steamer WF-1153 is perfect for anyone looking for an efficient way to keep their clothes looking crisp and fresh. Handy Garment Steamer WF-1153

Westpoint Handy Garment Steamer

  • 250 ml Water Tank Capacity.
  • Use High-Temperature Steam for Ironing Clothes, and it can remove. Wrinkles on clothing surface and get rid of Dust, and local Dry Cleaning is Environment Friendly and Healthy.
  • Automatic Control of Heating can produce Steam continuously, convenient for continuous ironing.
  • Rapid Generation of High-Temperature Steam.
  • Exquisite, compact, and easy to carry.
  • Double transparent Water Gauge and Water amount are visible.
  • Detachable Nozzle, with convenient Water Injection.
  • 1300 Watts 230V – 50/60Hz

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