Sony A6400 Review: a Camera Still Worth Buying

The Sony a6400 is a highly capable mirrorless camera that boasts an impressive range of features and functionalities, making it a popular choice for both photography enthusiasts and professionals alike. After having used the camera extensively, I am confident in saying that it lives up to the hype and delivers excellent performance across the board.

One of the standout features of the a6400 is its autofocus system, which is incredibly fast and accurate. The camera uses Sony’s advanced Real-time Tracking technology, which can detect and track subjects with impressive precision. This is particularly useful for capturing fast-moving action or wildlife, as the camera can keep up with the subject and maintain focus without any manual intervention. The autofocus system also works exceptionally well in low light conditions, making it an ideal choice for indoor or nighttime photography.

Another area where the a6400 excels is its image quality. The camera features a 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor, which produces sharp, detailed images with excellent color accuracy. The camera also has a wide ISO range, which can be expanded up to 102,400, allowing for excellent performance in low light conditions.

The a6400 also offers a range of advanced shooting features, including 4K video recording, 11 frames per second continuous shooting, and a built-in intervalometer for time-lapse photography. The camera also has a tilting touchscreen display, which makes it easy to compose shots from high or low angles.

One minor drawback of the a6400 is its battery life, which is somewhat limited. With a single charge, the camera can typically take around 360 shots or record around 70 minutes of video, which may not be sufficient for extended shooting sessions. However, this can be mitigated by carrying spare batteries or using an external power source.

Overall, the Sony a6400 is an excellent camera that delivers impressive performance in a compact and lightweight package. Its advanced autofocus system, excellent image quality, and range of shooting features make Sony A6400 Review: a Camera Still Worth Buying

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