The Best Video Conferencing Software Reviews & Comparisons

As we edge closer to a fully connected, remote world, staying connected with our teams and customers is more important than ever. The video conferencing software you choose plays an integral role in how successful your remote interactions are.

From corporate conferences to family reunions, the world is relying more heavily on video communication than ever before. With all the choices currently on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of which software is best for you. That’s why we’re here to make the search easier with our expertly curated list of the best video conferencing softwares.

In this article, you’ll get a quick overview of each platform, learn about its features and pricing plans, as well as find out which platforms are best suited for your needs. No matter if you’re in a business or home setting, our reviews will help you pick out the perfect video conferencing software today.

1. Zoom

Today’s tech-driven world necessitates quick, convenient, and easy to use video conferencing tools that make communicating with colleagues and clients a seamless experience. If you’re looking for the best video conferencing software, you can’t go wrong with Zoom.

The feature-packed online meeting platform offers a user-friendly interface for both desktop and mobile devices. With its HD video and audio quality, it’s no wonder that millions turn to Zoom when it comes to remote meetings. Plus, you can easily record remote sessions while also sharing screen features like pictures and presentations.

When it comes to connectivity and collaboration, Zoom is virtually unparalleled. The platform offers an array of advanced features like recording, transcription services, file sharing, breakout rooms, whiteboarding capabilities and more – all designed to ensure successful communication in virtual meetings. Additional features like Waiting Rooms custom branding settings will help you create a great first impression while chatting with clients or customers.

Ultimately, Zoom is a great choice for those looking for reliable video conferencing software that is easy to use with efficient file sharing capabilities. Give it a try today!

2. BlueJeans Virtual Meetings

BlueJeans virtual meeting software provides an array of features that make it a great option for both professional and personal video conferencing. Its user-friendly interface is easy to navigate and enables users to connect with up to 150 participants. It also offers screen sharing, as well as a range of security features, such as end-to-end encryption and a customizable list of guest access settings. Plus, the software has low latency and provides strong audio clarity even on low bandwidth connections.

BlueJeans is an ideal option for those who need enterprise-level features, such as interactive breakout sessions, AI transcription capabilities, and support for a variety of devices – from PCs to mobile phones. In addition, the company offers packages with different levels of customization that are tailored to meet the needs of any size organization. Whether you’re hosting a small business meeting or a large corporate event, BlueJeans has you covered.

3. Intermedia AnyMeeting

If you’re looking for a great video conferencing software that’s reliable, secure, and easy to use, you might want to check out Intermedia AnyMeeting. It comes with some pretty awesome features like group meetings of up to 100 participants, screen sharing, private chat messaging, HD audio and video quality, built-in collaboration tools like whiteboards and polls for brainstorming and feedback, plus a bunch of other goodies.

Plus All-in-One Meetings is one of their most popular plans that offers unlimited meetings with up to 100 participants (including toll-free teleconferencing options) with no time restraints or contract commitments—you just pay month-to-month as needed.

It also integrates easily with leading software like Office 365 and G Suite so you can join meetings quicker from Outlook or add documents from Box or Dropbox into your meeting. And speaking of security: All data is encrypted with 128-bit AES encryption and TLS 1.2 for secure communication so you don’t have to worry about any data leaks or breaches.

It’s no wonder Intermedia AnyMeeting is an excellent choice for video conferencing in the business world—it’s easy to use, secure and packed full of features.

4. Webex by Cisco

If you’re looking for a reliable video conferencing solution, Webex by Cisco may be the best choice for you. Webex is a popular cloud-based enterprise video conferencing solution that provides a range of features and tools to help you plan, manage and host highly secure meetings and events.

Whether you’re looking for an efficient and secure way to connect with colleagues, customers or partners across the globe, Webex can help. Here are some of the most impressive features offered by Webex:

Webex is secured end-to-end with multiple layers of encryption, making it one of the most secure video conferencing solutions on the market. It also offers advanced user access control to ensure that only authorized users can join your meetings.

Webex has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use for both novice and experienced users alike. You can quickly set up a meeting by selecting participants from your contact list or sending out an invitation through email, making it easy to get connected quickly.

Webex’s audio and video capabilities are top-notch—you’ll have crystal clear HD audio with low latency so everyone can stay connected without any interruptions or lagging. You can also share files and documents with your clients during the meeting without having to switch applications.

Webex’s powerful features make it the perfect choice for businesses looking for a reliable enterprise-level video conferencing solution. With its robust security measures and high quality audio/video connections, Webex is definitely one of the best options out there!

5. RingCentral Video

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution that offers video conferencing and more, RingCentral Video is worth considering. It’s a cloud-based unified communication and collaboration platform that provides audio and video conferencing, as well as messaging, file sharing, and webinars.

Here’s why RingCentral Video is great:

  • The user interface (UI) is quite intuitive and easy to use for all levels of users.
  • You can invite up to 100 participants at once with free meeting options or host online events with up to 3,000 participants.
  • Its analytics feature provides insight into engagement and usage over time so you can measure the success of your online meetings.
  • You can record calls for training purposes or later review, or even access transcripts from shared conversations.
  • The mobile app makes it easy to join meetings from anywhere.

In terms of features and convenience, RingCentral Video stands out amongst so many video conferencing options on the market.

6. Google Meet

You may know Google Meet as a reliable video conferencing tool, but did you know that it offers a wide variety of features? Google Meet is a great option for professionals who need an efficient tool to get work done. It comes with features like secure video meetings, screen sharing, calendar integrations and call recording capabilities:

Secure video meetings

Google Meet encrypts all conversations to protect data and privacy. You can also set up meeting attendance limits so only invited people can join the meeting.

Screen sharing

Google Meet allows you to share your screen with others in the meeting—perfect for presentations or work collaborations. You can even have multiple people share their screens at the same time for even more efficient team communication.

Calendar integrations

You can easily add new Google Meet events to your Google Calendar with one click—no more manual entry of conference codes or URL links.

Call recording capabilities

With its call recording feature, you can easily record and save audio from your Google Meet sessions so you don’t miss anything important or need to reference something later on.

Whether it’s for business or personal use, Google Meet is an impressive video conferencing software choice that has something for everyone.

7. GoToMeeting

If you’re looking for a reliable and top-notch video conferencing software, GoToMeeting is one of the best out there. It’s been a leading choice for small and large businesses alike for years, thanks to its impressive list of features, ease of use, and fast customer support.

Here’s what GoToMeeting offers:

  1. Easy to set up: All you need to do is sign up, pick an existing meeting link or create a new one, then add it to your calendar. You’re good to go!
  2. Real-time collaboration: With features like file sharing and shared whiteboards, you can collaborate with colleagues in real time wherever they are.
  3. HD video: Get crystal clear audio and visual quality with GoToMeeting’s high definition streaming technology.
  4. Compatibility: GoToMeeting is available on iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks — so everyone can join the meeting from any device!
  5. Security: All the calls are encrypted end-to-end for added security.

There are plenty of good reasons why GoToMeeting is such a popular choice among businesses—and you could be next in line! The Best Video Conferencing Software Reviews & Comparisons

8.  ClickMeeting

You may have heard of ClickMeeting before, and that’s because it can help you with video conferencing, webinars and online events—and do it all reliably.

Easy to Set Up

What’s really cool about ClickMeeting is that it’s easy to set up. All you need to do is set up your account, and you’re all ready to go. And if you need any help, their customer support team will be there ready to lend a hand.

Audio and Video Quality

When it comes to audio and video quality, ClickMeeting doesn’t disappoint either. It provides crystal-clear audio and crisp HD video, so no matter what your event or meeting is about, your audience can see and hear you perfectly. Even if you’re connecting from multiple locations around the world!

ClickMeeting also has built-in features for extra convenience:

  • You can share screens or documents with your audience during a meeting or presentation
  • You can chat via text messages with members of the group or send private messages
  • You can create polls for interactive sessions
  • You have access to features like breakout rooms and whiteboards for collaboration
  • You have access to comprehensive analytics reports after each session

So if you’re looking for the best video conferencing software that has everything you need under one roof, then ClickMeeting is definitely worth checking out!

9. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming one of the top video conferencing solutions for businesses. Built into Microsoft 365, it has a lot of features that make it a great choice for virtual meetings and collaborations.

The best part is that you don’t need to be a tech whiz to use it. It was designed with user-friendliness in mind, so it’s intuitive and easy to start using right away. Plus, you’ll have access to powerful security tools and custom settings that are available in the enterprise version.

Ease of use

It’s easy to set up, and the interface is clean and intuitive so you can have meetings with anyone inside or outside your organization quickly and easily. You’ll have all the tools you need right at your fingertips, like recording functions, chat windows, file sharing, and more.


You can rest assured knowing that all your files and conversations are secure with encryption protocols and multi-factor authentication. Plus, its integration into Microsoft 365 means you get additional services like analytics that can help keep users safe from potential threats like phishing or malware attacks.

Microsoft Teams also provides built-in support for industry standards such as HIPAA compliance as well as GDPR compliance when it comes to data privacy standards.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable video conferencing solution with great security features, Microsoft Teams is an excellent choice.

10. Zoho Meeting

Are you looking for a reliable video conferencing tool? Zoho Meeting might be the solution you’re looking for. It is an intuitive, user-friendly tool that offers a variety of features to help you connect and collaborate with your team.

Here’s why Zoho Meeting is great:

  1. Easy Setup: You can quickly set up meetings in no time with just a few clicks. Plus, your guests don’t even have to register for an account or download anything – they can just join via the link you share.
  2. HD Video and Audio Quality: Enjoy crystal clear conversations thanks to the superior audio and video quality provided by Zoho Meeting. The tools allows up to 50 participants on one call, so whether you’re having a one-on-one or group discussion, everyone’s voice will be heard clearly.
  3. Screen Sharing and Collaboration Tools: Share your screen with other participants and make sure everyone is on the same page. You can also take advantage of other useful collaboration tools such as annotations, whiteboarding and polling to get feedback from other attendees faster.

Whether you’re having a remote team meeting or giving a presentation at an online event, Zoho Meeting has all the features you need to make sure your virtual conversation goes off without a hitch!

What Is Video Conferencing Software?

Do you know what video conferencing software is? It might seem like a simple concept, but there’s actually a lot it can do.

In simple terms, video conferencing software helps to bridge the gap between remote teams and coworkers who may not be able to meet in person. By combining real-time audio and video communication, it enables users to have face-to-face meetings with anyone around the world.

Benefits of Video Conferencing

Using video conferencing software can provide multiple benefits for business owners, including:

  • Improved collaboration from remote teams
  • Increased engagement between team members
  • Cost savings from not needing to travel for meetings
  • Enhanced customer experience by providing a personal touch
  • Reduced environmental impact from reduced travel needs

Using video conferencing software allows users to share documents, data and presentations simultaneously in real-time regardless of geographic location. This makes it easy for businesses to keep everyone on the same page, which is why so many businesses prefer this option when collaborating with remote teams or providing customer service.

What Video Conferencing Software Can Do for You

Video conferencing can be an incredibly valuable tool, but it’s important to know what it can do for you. So what are some ways you can use the best video conferencing software to make your life easier?

Connect With Remote Workers

With video conferencing, you can easily connect with remote workers and collaborate with ease. Even if your team is scattered across the globe, you can connect with them in real-time and face-to-face no matter where they are located. This helps build stronger relationships by eliminating distance as a barrier.

Real-Time Communication

Video conferencing allows for real-time communication and collaboration, unlike email or text messaging which involves delayed responses. This helps improve productivity by allowing decisions to be made quickly and efficiently. Additionally, having conversations in real time reduces misunderstandings and eliminates delays related to back-and-forth messages.

Increased Engagement

Video conferencing makes it easy to engage with clients, partners, vendors and other stakeholders in a way that wouldn’t be possible without face-to-face communication. This helps foster relationships with key individuals and encourages collaboration between people who may not have met each other in person before. Plus, user experience surveys show that employees generally prefer video conferencing over traditional methods of communication like email or phone calls.

With the right video conferencing software, these benefits become available at your fingertips – so why not take advantage of this technology to make your life easier?


In conclusion, finding the right video conferencing software for your business isn’t easy. After all, the right software for one business will not be the same as the right software for another. You need to take into account the needs of your business, the budget you have, and the features and tools each software offers.

Do your research, read reviews, and compare the various software offerings to find the best one for your business. With the right software, you’ll be able to have more productive conversations, remote and in-person, and have access to the features and tools that make it easier for you and your team members to do their jobs. The Best Video Conferencing Software Reviews & Comparisons

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